About Heart Lines

"Heart Lines is designed for anyone wishing to convey emotions that are near and dear to their heart. And, to that end, I'm designing pieces that reflect the emotions and beliefs attached to chosen life roles."

 Sheryl Lutz-Brown, designer at Heart Lines Jewelry


Graphic designer and Newburgh, IN native, Sheryl Lutz-Brown, is the designer of Heart Lines.

After a thirty-year career in New York City designing for Sally Hansen, Victoria's Secret Beauty (fragrance packaging), and many recording artists (*NSYNC, James Brown and Kool and the Gang, to name a few), Sheryl moved back to Newburgh, Indiana to care for her father, who had recently had a stroke. Eager to continue feeding her creative instincts, she returned to the canvas and began following the inspiration of the heart as it relates to associated roles and beliefs. One of her drawings jumped off the page. After brainstorming with her friends, the core form for what would become Heart Lines was rendered.

After many sketches she finally worked out the design. She was toying with the idea of making a pendant so when a friend suggested it she felt like it was a strong idea and she made the first one in silver.

After she honed the love pendant design, a friend challenged her to see if she could make other words in the heart shape. She didn’t think she could initially, but then started sketching and came up with God, Jesus, faith, hope and Mom- all words that meant so much to her and the loved ones in her life. 

The collections aligned with specific meanings for Sheryl:

 LOVE- Valentine’s Day, Anniversaries 

MOM- Mother’s Day 

FAITH, JESUS, GOD- Christmas and Easter 

HOPE- Cancer survivors 

Heart Lines not only carries pendants, but tote bags, ornaments, and keychains and it is the first product by Sheryl's new company, Corlinea LLC.

"Jewelry is the beginning, but other inspirations are coming to life."

Announcements about products in development will be introduced on the Heart Lines website, so stay tuned!