Top 10 Easy DIY Gift Wrapping Ideas for Christmas 2020

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Christmas is just around the corner, yet some of us still have to go and get some last-minute presents without making them seem like they’re actually last-minute presents. Staying home and distancing has really gotten all our calendars out of whack, hasn’t it? 

Considering the fact that most of us now shop online, you can no longer turn on the charm with a “please” and “thank you” to get the clerk to wrap your gifts. It’s time to order some glitter and tape and tackle this daunting task hands-on.

Are you one of those people who buy a bunch of decorative gift bags on the first of December to avoid showing off your non-existent gift wrapping skills? Don't worry, we've all been there. That's why we wrote this little guide filled with easy DIY gift wrapping ideas for the upcoming holidays! 

1. Fingerprint Christmas Lights


This is a great way to recycle some ripped paper bags. The wrapping itself needn’t look that neat since all focus will be on the colorful, bright, finger-print “lights”. Not only do you probably already have all the supplies on hand, but fingerprint DIY gift wrapping can also be a great family activity if you have little ones at home.


2. A Snowman That Doesn’t Melt

Smart School House | Cardboard Box Snowman


Frosty over here is looking like he’s hiding something under his snow coat! Making a snowman gift tower doesn’t require that much of a hassle. We’re sure you have loose buttons, markers and print paper laying around at home. Your kids will love waking up on Christmas morning and getting greeted with a smile rather than fancy golden wrapping paper that’s nothing but an obstacle to their toys.


3. Puzzle Box (Literally)

Lifehacker | Word Puzzle Wrapping Paper


This clever word puzzle wrapper idea was designed by Fabio Milito, with a handful of hidden Christmas terms scattered throughout, but don’t feel limited to re-creating a word find. From crosswords, to hangman, sudoku, and even pictionary -- the possibilities are endless! Make the gift-opening ceremony a little more interactive and keep the suspense going. 


4. Duct Tape Escape


Tired of spending what seems like hours on tying the perfect ribbon bow, only to have it fall apart moments before you deliver the goodies? Have you ever considered that duct taping your gift instead may be a great back-up plan? Here’s a great tutorial on making duct tape Christmas bows. Maybe your friend will have a hard time with ripping it open - but hey, it sure looks pretty!


5. The Flapper Dress


Who says gifts can’t have a fringe? And who says plain, white tissue paper can’t be elegant!? Not us! Perhaps your gift bag can’t dance to jazz music, but it can surely rock a flapper dress!


6. That Bow’s Looking Like a Snack!


This is essentially a way of giving two gifts in one. Do you have a friend with a sweet tooth who always has snacks on hand? Surely a gift box topped with a bag of fruit snacks will trigger an excited gasp even before the knot comes off. 


7. No Wrapping Paper? No Problem.


All you need for this one is cookie cutters, paint, some kraft paper, and a couple potatoes (yes, potatoes!) . Simply use the cookie cutter on a halved potato and trim the edges. What you get is a festive little stamp you can now use to give your present a pattern (and you can still make mashed potatoes with the unused halves for Christmas dinner later)!


8. A Real Christmas “Tree”


We tend to insist on putting badly-drawn Christmas trees on our handmade cards and gift boxes - ignoring the fact that we can literally snip off the tip of a branch of our real Christmas tree and glue it on. Sprinkle with glitter, add a star on top and you’re good to go!


9. He Sees You When You’re Sleeping… and Steals Your Pillowcase.


Not even Santa himself thought of this one. Decorative pillow cases + a ribbon = small DIY gift bags! If you want to be a little more extra, you can always buy a plain pillow case and create a fun custom pattern.


10. Make Your Presents Cozy


Most loosely-knit sweaters feature beautiful crochet patterns that are perfect for dressing up your gifts and making the whole atmosphere even more cozy. Do you have a sweater that you’ve worn out, or that’s shrunk in the wash? Don’t throw it away - save it for gift wrapping! Albeit you can stitch together a box, as well; sleeves are ready-made wine bottle huggers! All you need to do is close the bottom you cut off. Moreover, they are completely reusable as one doesn’t need to rip them open. 


Running Low on Time?

Still not sure you’ll have enough time for all the gifts you need to wrap? When you shop at Heartlines, your gifts arrive already nestled in our beautiful gift boxes. All that’s left is for you to put it under the tree!

After seeing the full potential of common supplies such as kraft paper, sweaters, duct tape, and even potatoes, we feel confident that you’ll nail the DIY gift wrapping game this year! Share your creations with us on Instagram at @heartlines_designs!

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